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Hi, there! I am Yua and I am from South Korea. I am the teacher who will try to do her best to make easier and funnier learning Korean. My motto is "It is never too to late to learn", but start learning now and join in my classes. See you there!

I have 6 years of teaching experience. I am an Korean teacher to students from first grade to fifth grade. I really enjoy working with my students and I always do what it takes in order to succeed.

Book a trial lesson with me and I am sure you won't be disappointed. If you have difficulties in expressing yourself in English, I am here to help you and encourage you to share thoughts without hesitation.


1500+ lessons



Korean, English, Japanese


rep*** October 5, 2022

She is an amazingly beautiful teacher. Thank you for your interest. I was very satisfied :))


wao*** October 4, 2022

She provided me with a special learning plan in line with my needs I explained, She is flexible during the course hours and so positive :) I recommend her 😊


kat*** October 4, 2022

she can help me refine my skills by designing engaging lessons that are tailored to my specific learning needs and interests. I can definitely recommend her!


ste*** October 3, 2022

She makes you feel comfortable during the lesson and supports you in getting better. The lessons are really fun thanks to her vibrant personality :) Totally recommend!


rep*** October 2, 2022

He is an incredible teacher, very attentive to his students, and does not hesitate to help you when you make a mistake.


thd*** October 1, 2022

한국어 시험을 봐야 돼서 선생님과 함께 수업을 했어요! 좋은 점수를 받았어요. 선생님 대단히 고맙습니다! 제가 한국어를 배울 때 영어랑 달라서 혼란스러운 점들을 말할 때 도움을 주었어요. 좋은 선생님이고 동기부여를 주시고 많은 영감을 주시기 때문에 선생님과의 수업은 만족스러워요.


nev*** October 6, 2022

I like that she, from the first our lesson tries to find my weak points and after that, to make a plan of education. Her pronunciation is perfect. I'm very grateful to her that she helps me to achieve excellent performance in exam.


dak*** October 5, 2022

She is one of the most professional and friendly teacher I have even seen. She is very patient and makes a student feel comfortable during the lesson. Thank you very much. I will keep booking lessons :)

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