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Hello there! I'm a tutor from Incheon in South Korea. My sessions provide a range of opportunities for you to enhance your Korean and gain confidence in conversations. I'm excited to meet and assist everyone!

I'm a patient and kind tutor who offers classes to help improve punctuation, grammar, speaking, and listening. I work well with everyone Including your little ones. I enjoy helping people learn new things. I used to help teach toddlers and 4th-5th graders Bible lessons at church, which was fun and a bit of a challenge due to them having so much energy.

Book a trial lesson with me so we can work together on reaching your goals on this learning journey! Can't wait to meet everyone, I'll see you soon!


50+ lessons



Korean, English, Chinese


exc*** October 7, 2022



cla*** October 3, 2022

Very good


cel*** October 2, 2022

멋진 선생님이에요. 수업이 재미있어요 그리고 좋아요!!!


rep*** October 1, 2022

Très contente de mes premiers cours qui me permettent de discuter, écouter, travailler ma prononciation et d'apprendre de nouveaux mots/expressions. él est patient et sympathique.

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