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In the short term, I am looking forward to growing my career in fashion marketing or product development. In regards to fashion, these are the two areas that I believe will benefit my long-term goal the most. My ultimate career goal is to start and grow my own ethical and inclusive fashion brand.


1000+ lessons



Korean, English, Spanish


iwo*** October 8, 2022

He is a very helpful and patient teacher. I strongly recommend him.


anz*** October 6, 2022

He is an incredible teacher, very attentive to his students, and does not hesitate to help you when you make a mistake.


giu*** October 5, 2022

선생님은 항상 잘 가르쳐주시고, 인내심이 있으셔서 제가 말할 때 시간이 오래 걸려도 기다려주세요. 그래서 아주 감사해요.


ain*** October 5, 2022

Very friendly and nice guy) Highly recommend him!


nur*** October 2, 2022

He is a top teacher. He is helping me in a perfect way to improve my Korean especially for my job.


lov*** October 1, 2022

He's really good, I enjoy learning Korean with him

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