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I absolutely love arts and crafts! So, I am often drawing, sewing, or finding another skill that I can try out. I have been very interested in the convenience of digital art, so I spend a lot of time drawing on my iPad. I also enjoy studying languages. I have been studying Spanish since middle school, and I have recently taken up Chinese and German.


200+ lessons



Korean, English


pin*** October 7, 2022

She is a friendly and talented tutor. She can lead the conversation in a comfortable way. I really like the point that she kept trying to come up with interesting questions. She asked various questions related to my experiences, so I could enjoyably speak my story and opinions. It was a really fun time talking to her. I hope to see her again soon. Thank you!


bes*** October 3, 2022

The best teacher! Such a good person 🤗🤍


min*** October 2, 2022

I enjoyed my lessons with Suzie. She is a friendly and kind tutor :)


jor*** October 2, 2022

I am happy to take lessons from her, she is very nice. She helped me a lot to speak Korean fluently 👏

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