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I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Korean Language and Literature, with a background of 2 years of experience in tutoring Korean young learners as a volunteer in different organizations.

My proficiency in Korean encompasses a variety of different fields, such as freelancing, virtual assistance, content writing, academic writing, etc.


100+ lessons



Korean, English


ubf*** October 8, 2022

Lots of intelligent teachers out there, but few capable of teaching. She not only cleaver, but understand how to teach in a easy and joyful way. Can't get enough of her. 😎😎😎


ksu*** October 5, 2022

She is a very good tutor. She is patient and always happy to teach. Her teaching style is also very good. She focuses on listening skills as much as speaking and writing skills. We focus on different topics each lesson to improve our skills. This helps me a lot.


pid*** October 4, 2022

She is a very good tutor. She can explain very clearly. She is very patient and demanding at the same time. Her classes are very interesting.


mce*** October 4, 2022

She is an excellent teacher, I have had excellent results in pronunciation and fluency since I started taking classes with her. Her classes are interesting and fun


krv*** October 2, 2022

I feel very lucky to have her as my speaking teacher! Actually, I'm very shy about speaking Korean but she is always encouraging me to speak more. She has professional advice not only as an Korean teacher but also like a training coach :) If I don't have the motivation to learn, she can find a solution right away. She is so energetic. She is the best teacher you can get. Highly recommended! 🧡


uce*** October 1, 2022

She is a professional tutor. I recommend you to learn with her if you want to improve your English. I am sure that she will help you to achieve your goal.

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