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Hello, my name is Somin and I am a native Korean teacher. I have been speaking Korean for as long as I can remember and will be happy to help you with my extensive experience as an Korean teaching trainer.

I am passionate about what I do and will stop at nothing to see you achieve those language goals with me.

I understand that it's hard work!

I know that it is tiring... but I also know that confidence and fluency are essential in order to achieve your full potential in business... and that achieving your goals becomes fun and rewarding.

Likewise, you already know that the pain of NOT enabling yourself to be effective in Korean is greater than the pain of learning to be yourself.

My lessons are all about engaging students through conversation and activities that promote fluency whilst focusing on pronunciation, conversation and a sprinkling of grammar.

It's fun and it's effective!

Book a trial lesson with me and begin your journey to confidence, fluency and professionalism while speaking the universal language.


200+ lessons



Korean, English, Japanese


act*** October 9, 2022

She is a very excellent Teacher and an exciting and fun, and kind teacher; If you want to study Korean, this is the best teacher that you can find he’ll also help you with problems. She will also show you how to do the things that she means.


les*** October 9, 2022

Hi, I strongly recommend her lessons. She is a very optimistic and well-prepared teacher. Interesting topics, sometimes sponthanic encourage me to open discussion. That is what I was looking for. Thanks!


son*** October 8, 2022

She is a very good teacher with very good Korean material. She speaks clearly and I can understand almost all that she says. And after all, she is very energetic and happy.


hwa*** October 8, 2022

Hi. I am learning with you and having a great time too. You are very sympathetic person. I`m very glad to chose you as my tutor😃👍


mos*** October 6, 2022

A melhor professora que já tive de idiomas, paciente, atenciosa, alegre, profissional e muit, muito esforlada. Parabéns! Resultados de tradução The best language teacher I've ever had, patient, caring, cheerful, professional and very, very hardworking. Congratulations!


sta*** October 6, 2022

I'm enjoyig so so much her lessons! She knows very well how to engage me to practice more and more helping me to correct my mistakes in Korean Definitely, I highly recommend it :)


jin*** October 6, 2022

She teaches in a very calm and natural way. It is very easy to communicate and she allows you to speak Korean by making you talk with various questions. I would recommend her to everyone.


tae*** October 6, 2022

She is a great teacher. She is always prepare for the lessons and time with her is very interesting. We are focus on speaking- what is the most important part of learning Korean. After each lesson I feel more confident. She helps you use the language in your workplace.


soo*** October 4, 2022

She is a very good teacher. She lets you talk a lot and corrects you when necessary. 50mintues with her classes very quickly because she engages you with new and interesting topics. I recommend her.


jun*** October 3, 2022

She is an excellent tutor and lovely person. I recommend you to book lessons with her.

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