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Hey! My name is Juyeon and I'm from Korea but currently living in Canada. I love teaching and passing on knowledge to others, I'm really passionate about learning. I love to read and draw.

I don't have much experience in teaching but I would love to tutor and help. My goal is to use people's interests to keep them motivated and make sure the class is interesting and helpful. I have studied a Korean language literature course and I am very eager to teach.

Book a trial lesson with me so we can get to know each other and your goals and how we can meet them. My goal is to help as many people as I can with the tools that I have currently.


100+ lessons



Korean, English, Japanese


anz*** October 9, 2022

She is amazing!!! Korean is a completely new language for me, it is hard and she is very patient, and easygoing. The exercises, her way to present us a new language are really good. I recommend her:)


giu*** October 9, 2022

Wonderful teacher! I feel like my conversation skills have improved at least enough where now she's starting to speak to me faster (I guess she thinks I know more than I do lol). She's very adaptable as I have a very demanding schedule and is super kind, patient and easy to get along with. I would highly highly recommend!


anz*** October 8, 2022

I had an introductory class with herand found it extremely helpful and student friendly. It was a great learning experience and I would definitely like to continue with my further lessons in the near future.


giu*** October 7, 2022

Very helpful n patient tutor


anz*** October 7, 2022

He is an incredible teacher, very attentive to his students, and does not hesitate to help you when you make a mistake.


giu*** October 7, 2022

I came in as a total beginner, but her guidance has allowed me to progress quickly and confidently. She teaches at an excellent pace, and she is very good at explaining new content and material.


anz*** October 6, 2022

If you are seriously interested in learning the Korean language and are willing to put in the work, then book her lessons and you will achieve your goals! She is awesome!


giu*** October 6, 2022

She is pleasent to talk to and will gently encourage you to speak Korean throught the courses.


anz*** October 6, 2022

She adapts well to the wishes of the learner and will really help you get your Korean to the level you want.


giu*** October 5, 2022

I enjoy the lessons very much and have definitely gotten more relaxed about speaking in Korean . I would recommend her highly!


anz*** October 4, 2022

I had an amazing and interesting lesson with her, she is very experienced and her materials are very interesting


giu*** October 3, 2022

She is highly organised, timely, kind and supportive, and always makes the student feel at ease with their own pace of learning. She has a natural teaching skill and loves what she does. If you want to learn Korean quickly, she will help you achieve that. Top marks!!!

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