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Hello there. My name is Jiwon and I am a certified Korean teacher. I am a Law school graduate and I hold a Korean teaching Certificate. I love travelling, watching cartoons, food and reading fictional works. So far I have travelled to four different countries so I understand how hard it is to learn a new language. In addition to English, I speak three other languages and I still want to learn more.

I have always been passionate about the Korean language. I have experience as I used to tutor other students in Korean on a part time basis back when I was still at university. My method basically centers around conversational Korean, while focusing on grammar, articulation, pronunciation and sentence construction. In addition to this, I strongly believe in tailoring my classes in accordance with the student's needs so that they can achieve their desired goals.

Do not hesitate to book a lesson with me so that we can start this exciting journey of learning the Korean language together.


500+ lessons



Korean, English


mar*** October 6, 2022

Thanks a lot. You have learned me a lot thanks for this session and you are really a good teacher.


cag*** October 5, 2022

A great way of managing lessons, a good way of motivation, connected with a big level of patience is making me, You comfortable during the learning process. All the materials and homework shared are well adapted to the level of students, which is giving small wins, making me more encouraged to learn more and more. Well done and I can recommend her to everyone.


sha*** October 6, 2022

I really enjoy working with her. She definitely challenges me but also knows when I need to slow down. She is extremely accommodating to my schedule. I cannot wait for my next lesson


tae*** October 5, 2022

I really like the class. Good explaining and a good way of teaching.


nau*** October 6, 2022

Can surely recommend her! She is a very experienced and good teacher.


hyn*** October 5, 2022

She is an extremely friendly tutor that provides tailor-made lessons according to your goals. She has helped me torefresh the vocabulary and grammar. During our lessons we have also done lots of speaking practice that was very useful. She patiently corrected my mistakes and provided explanations when needed.


jiy*** October 6, 2022

I am a complete beginner but she is teaching me really good and I am having a lot of fun with each lesson.


jan*** October 5, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics of Korean with her. She has compiled a wide range of resources to make learning as straight forward as possible!


nik*** October 6, 2022

Amazing teacher. Has a personal approach to the student which I find very important for myself when learning. Classes with her are always interesting and easy going.


dau*** October 5, 2022

Very good and nice teacher

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