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Hello and welcome! Are you a traveler? Do you have friends from Korean speaking countries? Does your occupation require that you learn Korean to be more effective in communicating to other people? Do you want to prepare for the TOPIK exam? I have several years of previous voluntary teaching experience with adults, helping them in Korean language exam preparation, accent reduction, writing, pronunciation, reading, grammar, and general conversation. But learning is a two-way street and I really enjoy learning about other cultures, languages and the people themselves along the way.

Learning to speak, read and write in other languages is one of the greatest personal accomplishments a person can have and is extremely rewarding. Are you ready? Contact me today!

I currently have over 2 years of online teaching experience with students of all walks of life. I use online material to help guide and correct my students improve and practice, as well as correctional conversation.

Book a trial lesson with me so we can discuss your goals and how I am able to help you reach them!


100+ lessons



Korean, English


and*** October 9, 2022

Very nice guy. Good conversation. Thanks.


rea*** October 9, 2022

Kind, optimistic and humorous teacher. He explains things really well, in an easy and entertaining way. The materials he uses are really cool. It’s a pleasure to have lessons with him.


vik*** October 8, 2022

He is an incredible teacher, very attentive to his students, and does not hesitate to help you when you make a mistake. It makes a lot of fun. He motivates me a lot!


mar*** October 7, 2022

Great guy with professional approach and great sense of humor. I strongly recommend as a teacher. He is a talented young guy who loves to teach you! I love the lessons with him. It's not like a school lesson. It's a more cool conversation with a friend.


tor*** October 6, 2022

In one word, he is a very intelligent guy for motivating the inner being of anyone who is in touch. I personally experienced this while talking to him .He focuses on the richness of vocabulary and my hesitation to speak out also the ideas behind my brain and helped me to outpour them in simple and convincing words. I never felt bore at any point of time as he is very funny and enthusiastic while being serious in his business. I strongly recommend him if any of you are feeling less confident in Korean speaking.


ana*** October 6, 2022

I focus mainly on my speaking abilities during Korean classes, he makes it so much easier when he catches and corrects all mistakes I make. He is very honest, patient and funny guy :).


pau*** October 6, 2022

It’s true that he is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who really loves to teach. Even more, I have been encouraged by his great words plenty of times, which are greatly supportive when I am not motivated. Surely, he gives a lot of confidence and motivation through his intelligent and logical lessons. You will see your improvement significantly with his class!


giu*** October 5, 2022

He is an energetic, fun and professional trainer.He provided great guidance not only on speaking Korean, but also on getting me ready for the job interview in every way. I am very happy to make lessons with him. He is a great tutor.


mar*** October 5, 2022

선생님, 재미있는 수업 시간이었습니다. 항상 열정있고 energetic하셔서 수업 시간이 지루 안 해요. 한국어로 대화하는 것은 아주 재미있다고 생각합니다. 그래서 저는 선생님을 추천합니다. He is kind and helpful and will help you speak and understand. Don't worry about this aspect. I was very nervous and scared because this is my first lesson, but the teacher was very helpful. I am very happy because I study with him.


ari*** October 4, 2022

've just finished the class with him. He's nice and very easy to talk to. His feedback is very very helpful. I recommend him if you're finding a tutor to study any kinds of conversation. I’m afraid of Korean, but he helps me to be more confident when speak. I highly recommend studying with him. It must be a very good choice.

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