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Hello, my name is Gyuhun. I have multiple university degrees and diplomas in teaching Korean and I have been an Korean teacher since 2008. I am a lively, hard-working, responsible person. I enjoy helping my students to achieve their goals. I believe emotional intelligence and a good knowledge of the subject are important features in teaching.

I am interested in reading books, fashion, sports, medicine, traveling and etc.

I assure you after choosing a language learning path, you will discover a new world for yourself . I will do my best to help you to achieve your goals.


2000+ lessons



Korean, English, Chinese


jiu*** October 8, 2022

I am very happy studying with him, he is helping me a lot with my pronunciation and he is a very friendly teacher, I have been studying korean with a different teacher and he is the first teacher that understood from the beginning what I want to improve.


jun*** October 7, 2022

최고예요. 한국어 K-pop 때문에 시작했어요. 한국어를 말하는 것이 아주 신나요. 선생님의 수업은 기대해요. 다음에 또 만나요!ㅎㅎㅎ


hyn*** October 5, 2022

He's attentive to what I say, and gives a proper feedback at the right time. On the trial lesson, he asked me to talk slow, and that really works for me! I feel like I'm getting confident. I really enjoy talking with him. He's the best tutor I've ever met on wordsware.


sue*** October 5, 2022

I felt the money I invested for my lessons was the best decision of my life. I was nervous at first, but his teaching style is very casual and fun. I felt like I was learning naturally just like how I learned my native language. She has a good method. He helped me improve my accent from my first class. My friends and family could see the change and my work life has become what I dreamed of. He knows exactly how to correct my mistakes so that I won't have to worry when I speak Korean. He also helped me prepare for meetings and presentations at work. I feel so confident and powerful now.


vil*** October 2, 2022


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