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Teaching is one of the things I enjoyed the most. It gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and be able to know the culture of others. I love myself engaging with other people with different cultures.

My hobbies include reading, singing and planting flowers. I love reading because it widens my horizon and help me share more knowledge to students.

I've been teaching Korean for almost 3 years now and it was a great experience. I can say that I am well-equipped and knowledgeable enough when it comes to teaching especially the Korean language. I used different methods in teaching to make my class more lively, enjoyable and interesting. I can say that learning is more effective when students are enjoying.

Teaching is my passion. So, seeing my students learning from me is one of my greatest achievements as a teacher. I can help you in learning the Korean language whether you would like to focus on your grammar, pronunciation skills and even in your writing. I can help you in achieving your goals and make you grow as a person. Let's have fun learning together! I hope to see you in my class soon.


200+ lessons



Korean, English


anz*** October 2, 2022

Daniel is an ideal teacher. He encourages my daughter and patiently teaches her the correct Korean accent. There are many Korean teachers, but it is very difficult to find a good teacher. If you're reading this because you're having trouble finding a teacher, you're in luck. Making an appointment with him will solve the problem.


giu*** October 1, 2022

He's awesome

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