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I'm a native Korean speaker with background in advertising and communication management, but 100% fluent in English! I will help you learn grammar and vocabulary in speaking and writing, using different language tools and a tutoring style that will improve your understanding of the either language quickly!

My passion for travelling and meeting people of different cultures has helped me develop strong interpersonal skills as well as understanding and mimicking different accents; so no matter where you are from communication should not be a problem.

In addition to ordinary teaching, I can offer assistance with university applications, personal statements, presentations and mock interviews. Book a trial lesson with me so we can discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them !


900+ lessons



Korean, English, French


giu*** October 5, 2022

She is an outstanding and talented teacher. Her classes with her are a very rare case when you can really learn a lot and have fun. She focuses exactly on your needs and stays always 100% supportive. Looking forward to the next class:)


anz*** October 6, 2022

She is the best language teacher I have ever had! I had Korean lessons with her from the beginner level. She leads the lessons with high quality and she is always well-prepared. I strongly recommend her!


giu*** October 5, 2022

It was my first experience on wordsware I was a bit skeptical but she is a great teacher who makes teaching interesting, fun and not stressful at all. As result it is very easy to open up and speak up. She is always prepared for the lesson. I highly recommend!


anz*** October 6, 2022

She is the best teacher who want's to learn languages. she give me a confident to learn Korean also a lot of practice like grammar, vocab as well as pronunciation too. however she's extremely patient teacher and very professional teach student. i highly recommend her as you're teacher.


giu*** October 5, 2022

After I had my first trial lesson with her, she made a good impresion on me so I decided to get more lessons with her. Although I have joined a Korean academy I will not hesitate to get in contact with her in case I need some reinforcement. I pretty sure the most time you receive lessons from somebody you connect with the better you will learn.


anz*** October 6, 2022

I had a trial Korean lesson with her. She made a good impression on me.


giu*** October 5, 2022

She makes learning fun. She pays attention to communication.

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