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How to schedule a lesson

Schedule a lesson

You can book lessons with a tutor one by one until you find the teacher that suits you best and provides customized teaching services.

You can choose to pay per single lesson or get a monthly subscription at once. (What is a subscription?)

Each tutor provides 50 min-single lessons. Our team is working on adding 25 min lessons in the upcoming update.

  1. Click the “Book now” button

  2. Select the lesson date and time. Your local time zone is shown in your calendar.

What are the courses? Are there any textbooks?

They use Google Docs to correct you and to give you homework. Teachers are offering tailored 1-1 lessons for each student. So your teacher can discuss lesson structure, class forms, and materials to customize your study plan. You can check teachers’ lesson descriptions and request to use specific materials you prefer.

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