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How monthly subscription works

Subscriptions are valid for three(3) months. You can find the expiry date on the subscription page. All lessons should be completed before the expiration date. Lesson hours that weren’t scheduled within 3 months, will expire. Lessons can be scheduled in advance (within the following 3 months or even further on in case of subscription expiry) which allows the students to keep their balance. If the students don't schedule their subscription lesson hours, they will expire.

Is it an automatic recurring payment?

No, it is not. It is a one-time payment subscription. Our subscriptions allow students to choose how many hours of lessons they'll take every week. We recommend renewing your monthly subscriptions, even though they are valid for three months. 

Can I still take a single lesson?

Yes. You’ll be able to continue your regular lesson schedule or add single lessons whenever you want. 

How does the subscription model work?

The subscription model allows students to choose how many weekly lessons they want to take with a tutor and pay for their classes as a recurring monthly subscription.

After they take a trial lesson, they can choose a subscription with their tutor.


What are the subscription options?

Students can choose to subscribe between 1h/week to 5h/week.

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